KOMPLEX 457 präsentiert “STORM”

KOMPLEX 457 präsentiert “STORM” [ab 18 Jahren]
- THE ADVENT (Portugal) DRUMCODE + 1605
Die dritte und bissher grösste “STORM” im Komplex457.
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Cisco’s career began more or less after leaving school (1986). He studied Sound Enginnering for 3 years @ Paddington College and worked/intern as a sound engineer for ZOLOU STUDIOS/THE WALL.. Which is also where one of the 1st Uk House/Techno Labels was based.. Jack Trax Records!!!.. They ended up booking him for several sessions working with artists from the label – Derrick May, Fingers Inc, Adonis, Marshall Jefferson, Jazzy M. His other sound engineering credits at the time include Carl Macintosh AKA Loose Ends, Bang the Party & Shock Sound System (Ashley Beadle)…featuring Corol leming, P.I.L., Robert Plant, sly dunbar, Maxi Priest. Collaborations with Jay Denham for Bio Rhythms 2 & KCL PROJECT- Network Records, K.C.C.- Azuli Records, Manuel & Clive – ITP Records & Warp Records. Solo releases include.. The 1988 New Beat classic ” Space Opera” (electro wave) & also The Project on R&S Records – Belgium. The eponymously titled Cisco Ferreira EP on Fragile Records (FRG01.), and co productions with CJ Bolland on The 4th Sign LP / “Mantra, Camarage, Nightbreed” and Live At Universe for R&S Records.. Mundo Musique, Robert Leiner, Salt Tank, Mental Overdrive & Keith Franklin (SLF). In 1994 Cisco signed to Internal Recordings (FFRR) and formed The Advent with ex Partner Colin Mc Bean (A.K.A….MR.G). Since then he has released a series of Albums, remixes & EP’s that have combined the best elements of Techno,House & Electro Music, The Saga continues….



Marco Bailey grew up in a small village in Belgium. Nothing much happened there really, but he did learn that one doesn’t achieve much without working hard. He is a true hedonist but a workaholic as well. Marco loves to work hard and spin records as much as possible; sleeping is for later. Therefore, his colleagues know him for his no-nonsense & ass-kicking mentality. At the age of 12, Marco wanted nothing more than to become a sportsman. Motocross and competitive cycling were his passions until injuries made it impossible to continue and Marco soon had a new obsession, music, then shortly after that DJing. He started playing Funk, Hip Hop and Rock music, New Wave, Punk, Marco Bailey has been spinning everything and everywhere in the World ! Japan, Korea, China, Argentina , Brasil, Colombia, Mexico, whole europe etc etc ..there are not many countries of bailey was standing on the decks somewhere! His burning all consuming drive can only be calmed by getting into the music. A positive result of this is seen on a daily basis in the studio, where together with his best friend Tom Hades he works on tracks and DJ sets, puzzling just as long as it takes to get it to sound right and release the right energy. Marco calls this his ‘positive disorder’, Positive because it gives meaning to his life. He is constantly on the road or at work in the studio and doesn’t take his job lightly. He invests all of his energy to make sure he can give the best possible performance to his audiences all around the World. Having a superstar status in Belgium, he travels the world playing the biggest events as well as the small intimate clubs. His mixture of party techno, minimal and electronic house means he is a permanent fixture at all major European festivals and clubs. With love, hard work and fantastic sounds he has succeeded in gaining worldwide recognition. Playing events like Global Gathering UK , WIRE Yokohama Japan , Extrema Outdoor (NL), Awakenings (NL), I Love Techno (BE), Nature One (DE), Monegros (SP) and clubs such as Ageha (Tokyo Japan ) Zouk (SG), Space (ES), Fabrik (ES) , Matter (UK) , Fabric (UK) , REX (FR) , Space (Miami US) , Avalon (los Angeles U.S) ,Fuse (Bel) , Industrial Copera (ES) and Chinese Laundry (AU) and so many many more ..he has made clear that he still is a big force to recon with. Killer releases on Intec Rec, Primate, Zync & Tortured, confirmed his strong reputation as a producer over the last eight years. He has since set up MB Elektronics & MB Selektions to release high quality music and remixes by none other than Adam Beyer, Umek, Smith & Selway, Claude Young, Christian Varela, Redhead, Axel Karakasis November 2009 saw the MB labels 55th release. Marco Bailey does not like to think in boxes but more outside the box. Although he has an expansive taste in music, techno keeps intriguing him. Despite techno growing into a bigger genre with its sub-styles in minimal, tech house and hard techno, he still discovers fascinating records in every style. This is the reason Marco’s sound is so diverse and surprising. The slight change of both his production and DJ-ing styles has led to a release on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records (Jungle Laps, October 2009). He has just signed with Bedrock for another 2 releases, which are to be released in February and March 2010. His releases on Carl Cox’s Intec Records are planned for April and May 2010. Besides these, he will release new tracks on John Digweed’s Bedrock , 1605 rec, Dataworkz UK and his own label MB Elektronics Recordings. With these upcoming releases he’s looking to add another big chapter to his already very long list of releases dating back to the end of the nineties. As you see Marco Bailey is a MAIN player in the Techno Tech house scene for many many years. A carreer for more then 20 years as a dj and more then 15 years as a producer!



Men of the moment and favours of the month come and go, as the phrases suggest. It’s relatively easy to get a short-term buzz in dance music – but in these days of limitless downloads and increasing disposability, few
hotshots have got it what it takes to go the distance.
Lützenkirchen is one name that refuse to go away. Munich’s foremost electro-techno exponent has moved effortlessly between underground and overground success in recent years – scoring a German Top 10 chart hit with the huge 3 Tage Wach while putting out a prolific, consistent stream of cool and credible club tracks, all a decade after he first began producing. From his huge remixes for the likes of John Digweed and Coburn to his outstanding 2008 artist album Pandora Electronica, the power and quality of his productions rarely slip. Meanwhile his acclaimed live sets continue to grow in reputation, his charismatic stage presence bringing a breath of fresh air to the usual limp and lifeless laptop workout. Tobias Lützenkirchen’s roots in the music game go way back to 1992, when he first appeared on record as singer. After immersing himself in his love dance music by working as a promoter in Ibiza in 1995, he worked as a professional background vocalist and songwriter on some major projects from 1996 to 1999, before succumbing to the house and techno bug that had been slowly consuming him. Some 20+ aliases, artist names and collaborative groups later, Lützenkirchen was born in 2005 – the name with which he would finally become a global star.
Blending infectious, jacking techno grooves with dirty electro sounds and dashes of house, his sounds is electronic as they come, but with a real sense of funk that makes his music accessible to a wide range of DJs, clubbers and part-time dance music enthusiasts. He doesn’t follow the musical crowd – but that’s not to say that he doesn’t know how to keep the music fresh. Continually striving to innovative and evolve his sound, you can always count on him to push things forward – rather than copying the latest hotshot or ripping off endless old records. He only began his DJ career in 2006, when the success of his productions began to bring booking requests from around the world, and by 2008 he had switched to performing pure live sets. But whether he’s playing to 300 people in a sweaty provincial German nightclub, or to 35,000 at a huge festival, his enthusiasm and passion are the same. The last two years have seen him play in every continent at least twice, with 8 tours of Brazil in the past 3 years alone. Despite this heavy travel schedule, he remains one of the most prolific producers around – with a level of quality that few can match. He’s not about hype, trends, fads or jumping on bandwagons – Lützenkirchen lets his music speak for itself. And 10 years on, it’s still telling quite a story…

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